KALUGA HAIR history and facts

"Kaluga hair" factory is the biggest hair extension manufacturer in Russia. The founder of this production is the Moscow stylist and businessman Alexey Kuznetsov.

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to visit “Kaluga Hair” factory which is the first and biggest hair extension factory in Russia.

The factory has been specializing in the manufacture of EXCLUSIVE high-quality hair for all types of extension technologies for more than ten years.



Kalugahair is:

  • 3000 m of modernized production facilities
  • More then 80 specialists
  • More then 500 kg of extension hair per month
  • 2000 kg of hair in out permanent finished products warehouse
  • sale of specialized equipment and tools
  • licensed courses of hair extensions making craft in the factory
  • own retail store in Moscow

Kaluga hair

Kalugahair factory specialization is high-quality donor hair for extension. Our factory produces only “live” hair with the preserved cuticular layer. Each tail has its own distinctive structure; the hair is soft, with dense ends and missing down hair.

The hair QUALITY enables you to make multiple corrections. The factory produces the full range of extension hair products; wefts and tapes, clip in hair, keratin I tip and Flat tip. The hair produced in our factory has a top quality; with completely preserved cuticle layer, so the hair is elastic and has its natural shine.

The quality of our products is based on professional competencies and traditional hair processing technologies based on careful and neat manual work. Kalugahair production and products are certified and meet all the requirements of Russian authorities

In addition to the finished hair extension products, our factory can offer any consumables and equipment for the hair production.

The factory has opened licensed courses where one can learn modern hair processing technologies; lightening and colouring of hair raw materials, making the extension hair locks. At the end of the selected course a formal diploma of professional development will be issued.

At the factory there is a showroom for wholesale customers where you can find any hair at your choice from a large variety of different hair.

Orders are shipped daily except Saturdays and Sundays by express courier service worldwide. Kalugahair has an international sales department for foreign customers.

  • For the convenience of Moscow customers there is a brand store in Moscow, where you can find any hair or order a quick delivery.

Our history

Kalugahair factory is the oldest and biggest hair extension manufacturer in Russia. The Moscow stylist Alexey Kuznetsov was a founder of the first hair extensions production in our country.

  • The first factory was opened in 2004 in Alabino based near Moscow. It was the first company in Russia specializing in the industrial processing of Russian hair and the manufacture of extension locks.
  • Since 2005, more than 50 people have worked in the company permanently. Most products was selling through Europa Hair Studio, the most famous hair extensions brand in the Russian Federation.
  • In 2007, another factory 1000 sq.m in area was opened in Yukhnov city in the Kaluga region. This factory specialized in manufacturing products for well-known business class brands such as Belli Capelli, Angelo hair, Good hair.
  • In 2009, the company was expanded. It purchased a factory 3000 sq.m in Mosalsk area, Kaluga region, which started manufacturing of its own Kalugahair branded products following the reconstruction in 2015.
  • Today, over 70 specialists work at Kalugahair factory in Mosalsk, and at least half of the factory’s employees have been working at the factory since its opening for more than 10 years.
  • Our workers are highly skilled and have a great experience in hair extension production. The factory offers a training course in the field of “Hair processing”. Kalugahair offers only courses on industrial hair processing. The factory has a state licence to train hair processing.
  • You can buy hair directly from the factory at wholesale prices from the manufacturer. In the spring of 2017, the factory opened a brand store in Moscow to serve retail clients.
  • Such publications as Hairs, ELLE and New York Times wrote different articles during different years. France TV1, Russia Today, RTRII, STS, etc. filmed their stories in our factory.

Tour to the factory

Kalugahair invites wholesale clients to visit the factory, take a gest tour and see all process of high-quality hair extensions production. You will be able to see all principal stages of hair processing accompanied by the factory production engineer, including:

  1. receiving and sorting of raw materials
  2. preparation of raw materials for colouring
  3. colouring
  4. combing hair after colouring
  5. capsulation
  6. taping
  7. Wefting
  8. hair recycling
  9. washing and drying
  10. quality control, acceptance of finished products.

You will be told about the importance of various procedures and will be able to ask your questions during the tour. This tour enables our clients to get a clear understanding of the key points of hair extensions production and better understand its quality.


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