How to make an order

You can buy our hair directly in the factory (only for masters and wholesale customers) or in a branded store in Moscow or remotely with delivery to the door.

  • In order to purchase our products (any assortment) at wholesale prices indicated on the site, you have to purchase for 1000 $ 

Order with delivery to the door

You can order hair directly from the factory with delivery to the "door" in any city.

  • Wholesale orders we accept on the phone, WhatsApp +7 920 884 05 21 or email
  • Having received the order, we inform you about its availability during business hours and provide you with a photo of your order before you bill it.
  • The order is dispatched after payment, daily, except on Saturday and Sunday.
  • You can pay for the order on your current account, by credit card, or by a payment system such as PayPal.
  • Usually we send orders by express courier service to the "door" in the major cities and to the courier office in small cities (EMS, UPS, DHL, etc.).



Transport companies

We strive to cooperate with the most efficient transport and logistics companies. This is done to create the most favorable conditions for our customers.

Buy hair wholesale at the factory

In bulk, you can buy hair directly at our factory, which is located at: Kaluga Region, Mosalsk, ul. Kaluga 78 A  (200 km from Moscow). For wholesale customers, the factory operates a showroom and a sales office. It is advisable to inform in advance about your arrival. The factory operates from 9.00 to 17.00, except Saturday and Sunday. Visiting our factory you can get acquainted with the processes of hair treatment and choose hair from a large number.

Buy hair in Moscow

You can buy hair wholesale and retail in our company store in Moscow at ul. Dmitri Ulyanov, d. 31, Zhk. Pyramid, Metro Akademicheskaya, works on weekdays from 10.00 to 19.00, on Saturday from 11.00 to 16.00, Sunday is the day off. Also you can order delivery in Moscow by phone, WhatsApp +7 (903) 7922619

Write us to or call 7+920-884-05-21
WhatsApp: 7+920-884-05-21

We will try to answer your questions.