Whitening and colouring of hair raw materials.

KALUGAHAIR offers a full course of industrial whitening and colouring of hair raw materials. The purpose of this course is to teach how to whiten and colour the basic shades from the main palette.

Industrial whitening is one of the main secrets in hair processing.

Cost - 3500$

As soon as you master the industrial colour technology, you will be able to whiten to blond shades and colour hair from any supplier and from any part of the world. You will be taught the recipe and process that have been designed for 15 years in our factory.

This course is especially popular. You can learn how to make “LIVE” hair without silicone, the hair which is not tangled, fractured or become fuzzy. 

Industrial whitening and colouring technology is quite easy. The process does not take much time and does not require much space. The hair is whitened and coloured in aqueous compositions and you do not need to control the process, because it does not require your continued engagement.


The training will teach you how to fix, mix, and tie hair. The course includes a lecture on the features and cost of hair, the finer points of how you work with raw materials from suppliers from all over the world. You will also get necessary flow charts and formulas for all necessary reagents, and will be issued a certificate of professional development at the end of the course.

Optionally, students may take to the training their own hair raw materials, which they intend to use in their work afterwards.

Description of the course.

Theoretical part

  • Natural hair pigmentation and theory of industrial whitening technology. Recipe and chemical formulas of the reagents used. Safety rules and protective equipment. Equipment and materials for the industrial whitening and colouring of the hair raw materials.
  • Selection of raw materials. Receipt and main characteristics of the hair raw materials. The special features of the hair raw materials are related to the country of origin.
  • Tour round the factory. Introduction to all stages of hair treatment.

Practical part

  • Receipt of hair material depending on length and grade.
  • Sorting out the hair raw materials for making different shades.
  • Fixing locks for colouring; pulling up hair in a bun to one reference line before fixing the locks, stitching the hair in the lock root area (15 cm) on an absorbent grid using a 12-needle chain stitch machine.
  • Night staining of the hair.
  • Hair whitening (3 days-3 lots)
  • Sorting out the whitened hair depending on the resulting shades.
  • Shading or colouring the hair with 10 basic shades + ombre manufacturing technology + colouring formula for fantasy shade (two days).
  • Combing the coloured wet hair locks after colouring.
  • Drying the coloured and combed locks in a drying chamber.
  • Removing the fixing grid out of the coloured locks on the soft card and gathering the hair in a bun.
  • Mixing the hair on a firm card.
  • Tying the hair on a soft card (single drawn, double drawn)
  • Washing of finished coloured hair with shampoo and balsam.
  • Natural and final drying of finished buns.

The training takes place in the territory of Kalugahair factory, and the training centre has a state licence. At the end of the course you are issued a certificate of professional development as a hair extension maker. Curse duration - 5 days. The staff of Kalugahair factory will help you with hotel reservations and transfer from Moscow airports. The factory can organize an English-speaking person for foreign students.

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