Recycling of tangled and pulled out hair

Our hair-recycling technologies ensure recycling of seemingly hopelessly lost raw materials. After attending the recycling classes, you will significantly reduce hair losses.

The hair recycling technology enables a hairdresser to work with not only the donor raw materials, but also with cheaper materials gathered from brushes (no remy hair). This technology can be also used for the hair pulled out in the process of donor tail processing (which are usually considered to be lost).

The course includes:

  • equipment and materials
  • sorting out, washing the pulled out hair and defining its length
  • combing the pulled out hair (untangling)
  • spreading the untangled hair depending on the length (double drawn)
  • first stage of recycling (wet)
  • second stage of recycling (dry)
  • quality control and washing out

Cost of training - RUB 1700 $

Course duration - 3 days.

95% of the hair has cuticles in one direction after the recycling process, and it is difficult to distinguish them from the donor tails, either visually or qualitatively in service. The hair recycling process includes the mechanical procedures that take place without the use of any chemical reagents.

Once recycled, the hair is ready for colouring, washing, and doing whatever you want like with the natural hair. Performance of 1 hairdresser - 20-30 kg per month.

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