100% natural, single donor, human hair.

Russian hair extensions factory.

We are located in Russia.

Kalugahair is a full-cycle hair factory that starts with the purchase of “donor hair” and ends with sales of ready-made hair extensions. We offer hair extensions only the highest quality category.

The factory has been specializing in the manufacture of EXCLUSIVE high-quality hair for all types of extension technologies for more than 15 years.

We use only the best materials and the best technology. We use only human hair to create our products. Kalugahair is the largest manufacturer of hair extensions and the largest wholesale supplier in Russia.

Our production.

Tape in hair

The tapes are glued (polyurethane-based) and sealed for reliability using a thermal machine. The polyurethane base of the tape is reinforced by a special grid. The tape base has a hair color for dark and medium shades, which makes tapes invisible.

Invisible Tape in hair

An invisible tape differs from a regular format tape in that it has a smaller width. Such a tape is almost invisible from the side. Invisible tape is a new format that is in good demand among our customers.

Keratin I tip

We use quality Italian keratin to make the bonds. We offer any shades of keratin tips, including ombre and fantasy colors. Each bond makes manually with Italian keratin. The size of the bond is ideal for forming neat bond on the client’s head.

Keratin Flat tip

Our flat tips are small pre-bonded keratin extensions with top quality human hair. After the special forceps melt the keratin capsule, it can be shaped to provide a reliable bond in the client’s hair.

Machine sewn wefts

Kalugahair produce wefts for Hollywood hair extension technology. Wefts sewn with additional stitch and special glue. That enable to avoid the hair being shedding in use.

Invisible Clips in hair

Each lock in the kit consists of 4 double-stitched micro wefts sewed on the special tape with. The ends of each lock are refined for comfortable fixing.


The tail is suitable for creating a beautiful upbeat hairstyle when your own hair is not long enough.

Color chart

Making an order, or pre-selecting the product you need, you can focus on the colors of our palette.

How to buy

You can order our products directly from our factory with wholesale price with Worldwide courier shipping.

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