Invisible Tape in hair

nvisible tape differs from regular format tape in that it has a smaller width.  Such a tape is almost invisible from the side.

The tapes are glued (polyurethane-based) and sealed for reliability using a thermal machine.

The polyurethane base of the tape is reinforced by a special grid. The tape base has a hair color for dark and medium shades, which makes Kalugahair extension tapes invisible.

There is an polyester adhesive (scotch) on the tapes. It is no allergic and can be easily removed with alcohol-containing fluid for removing.

Kalugahair tapes are very neat without causing hair to be pulled out and can be moved up repeatedly in case of careful use.

LengthWeight of pack
30 cm / 12″105 g
40 cm / 16″120 g
45 cm / 18″130 g
50 cm / 20″140 g
60 cm / 24″150 g
70 cm / 28″170 g

Payment: Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer | Production time: 1-3 weeks | Shipping by UPS or DHL: 3-4 business days

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