Keratin Flat tip

Keratin Flat tip

Our flat tips are small pre-bonded keratin extensions with top quality human hair. After the special forceps melt the keratin capsule, it can be shaped to provide a reliable bond in the client’s hair. 

We use quality Italian keratin to make bonds. Ligaments are made by hand, which helps to avoid hair stretching. For one full expansion, 100-150 capsules are usually used, which is equivalent to 100-150 g. The Kaluga factory can offer any shades of keratin tips, including ombre and fancy colors.

Each connection on the strands is made in our factory manually from Italian keratin. The bond size is ideal for forming a neat connection on the client’s head.

Gentle manual processing of each tail allows us to preserve all its natural qualities. All hair is protected by a natural layer of cuticle, so that they become elastic and acquire a natural shine.

Our hair is no different from our own customers.
We do not use chemicals, do not iron hair before selling and do not cover with silicone. Each set for add-ons is hand-washed before sale and passes quality control.

Keratin Flat tip

Weight, gr
30cm 12″
40cm 16″
45cm 18″
50cm 20″
60cm 24″
70cm 28″
80cm 32″

Payment: Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer | Production time: 1-3 weeks | Shipping by UPS or DHL: 3-4 business days

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